7 Tips & Tricks To Save Your Makeup

Many times because of our day to day we put on makeup incorrectly, and after hours on the street, we realize that we have left as the clown of IT. Do not worry! There are hundreds of makeup tricks, some not so feasible, but others with a guaranteed result. Pay attention here are the tips to save your makeup.

Tips To Save Your Makeup

1. Make Yourself Up With Natural Light

Many times we put on makeup with dim light, and this lighting is very different from what we have every day when we go outside.

Try to make up where there is more natural light. So you can see clumps, imperfections more efficiently and you’ll see yourself as others will notice.

2. Perfect Eyebrows

It is not a matter whether you have thin or thick, the first thing you should do is brush them. Keep the brush of your mascara when you run out, and then use it.

Delineate your eyebrows with a little lighter color giving the shape you want, according to the contour of your face. Then, fill them with a powder for eyebrows of the same color.

Finally, seal with a gel or powder to fix the makeup.

3. The Perfect Delineation

Liquid eyeliners tend to last longer and to achieve this. It is best to first delineate with an eye pencil because it is easier to make a straight line and then pass it over with liquid eyeliner. As if it were a coloring book but in your eyes!

4. No More Spider Lashes

The best way to have defined eyelashes begins with the habit of shaking the mask, removing excess brush from the mask and not using spooky amounts of mascara.

What follows is to apply it horizontally instead of vertically, from the root to the end with a clean, thin brush.

5. Goodbye Tired Eyes

A trick that does not fail is to put some ice in a blanket and pass it under the eyes Puff! No more bags! Another is to place your creams around the eyes in the refrigerator and take it when you use them as usual. You will notice a change instantly.

Tip: Hide dark circles and puffy eyes by creating a triangle under your eyes with the concealer.

6. Apply Your Base In The Correct Way

All at some time we have placed our makeup bases with our hands, serious mistake! When you apply makeup with your hands you leave a light effect, since part of the makeup stays in your hands, for perfect coverage, use a base brush.

7. Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Lipstick

With a lipstick, you can do wonders. Any day that you finish the blush, you will notice that lipstick of a red tone works the same or better than a blush. If you put it in the right way, you will get a more natural look and a more precise contour of your cheekbones.

Remember that the way you apply the blush accentuates your best features and also softens those that stand out. To achieve this, use a spoon.

8. Setting Spray For Long Lasting Makeup

The best way to give the final touch to your makeup and more those super long days is the Setting Spray. With a few drops, your makeup will stay in place all day.

In short, these are tricks that have worked for many of us. And of course, remember that although we use the best products to makeup, we must take care of our skin.

7 Tips & Tricks To Save Your Makeup