12 Morning Stretches to Help You Get Rid of Pain, Stiffness and Excess Fat

The first thing everybody does in the morning, besides turning the alarm off, is stretch. Whether it is the dramatic hand stretch accompanied by a big yawn, or a simple neck twist, the body simply needs to increase the blood flow and loosen up a little bit, after laying still throughout the entire night.

But unfortunately, a lot of people go from their beds to their cars, and then sit in their desks at their jobs, and the body has no opportunity to stretch. These people are missing huge benefits from the stretching and some yoga poses, especially if they are performed first thing in the morning. The benefits are:

  • Reduced stres
  • Improved mindfulness, which can lead to reduced food intake
  • Boosted energy levels and mood
  • Improved circulation and warms up the body
  • Reduced stiffness, tension and pain

The yoga exercises are often considered to be easy and fluffy exercises, but those who have practiced yoga will understand how challenging it is for your balance and strength. It is not a coincidence that a connection was discovered between weight loss and yoga.

12 Morning Stretches to Boost Your Energy and Burn Fat

The poses below are most beneficial if they are performed in the following sequence, but they can be practiced one by one individually if one desires. Do the flow for a couple of times (2-4), hold each pose for about half a minute. And take your time to relax and breathe through every pose, which can be very difficult, especially during the strenuous ones.

A very healthy way to kick-start your day is to perform the poses right after getting up, but the poses can also be practiced throughout the day.

1. Child’s Pose
Start kneeling on the floor, the huge toes contacting. Spread the knees or keep them near one another, contingent upon what is progressively agreeable. Gradually overlay the middle forward. The brow may contact the floor or drift above it. The arms can either stretch forward or rest adjacent to the body. Take a full breath in this stance.
2. Standing Forward Bend
Breathe in and stand. The feet ought to be hip-width separated, the balls and impact points of the foot attached to the ground. Breathe out and curve forward until the hands lay on the floor, twist the knees if necessary.
3. Downward-Facing Dog
Breathe in, spread the fingers wide, push the palms of the hands into the floor, and step the two feet back. Press the hips back and after that up, as though extending the chest toward the thighs. Keep up a long and straight spine by pushing into the palms and lifting through the tailbone. Draw the heels toward the floor, feeling a stretch in the back of the legs. Inhale profoundly.
4. Three-Legged Dog
Breathe in and lift one leg. Calmly inhale, and lower it gradually. Rehash with the other leg. Analysis with bowing the knee, lifting the leg higher, or whatever development feels common.
5. Lunge
Breathe in and step the left foot between the two hands. Keep the left leg twisted, the knee over the lower leg, and the correct leg straight. While resting the fingertips adjacent to one side foot, lift the chest and look forward.
6. Crescent Lunge
Breathe in and lift the arms overhead, bringing the middle upstanding. Bring the palms of the hands together, push the ground away with your feet, and envision the head is against the roof. The spine is long and the shoulders loose. Gaze upward, making a delicate back-bend.
7. Warrior II
Breathe out and enlarge the position, the back foot opposite to the front. Breathe in and pivot the chest to confront the side of the room. Breathe out and stretch out the arms to the sides, one arm over every leg. The front leg is as yet bowed with the knee straightforwardly over the lower leg. Sink the hips toward the ground while loosening up the shoulders and jaw. Breathe out and turn the head to confront the bowed leg. Inhale profoundly through this reinforcing present.
8. Reverse Warrior
Breathe out and rest the correct hand onto the correct leg. Breathe in and lift the left arm up toward the sky. In the event that it’s agreeable for the neck, gaze toward the left hand. If not, look forward. Keep the left knee twisted and the feet fixed into the ground.
9. Triangle Pose
Breathe in and rectify the bowed leg. Stretch out the arms to the sides and stretch the left hand forward to the front of the room. Lower the left hand to one side leg and press the knuckles against the shin, lower leg, or floor. Guarantee the left ear stays parallel with the leg; don’t hunch forward. Raise the correct hand to the roof and gaze toward it, opening the chest. Rehash the succession beginning from the Lunge to Triangle Pose on the contrary side.
10. Plank
Kneel on the floor, and plant the hands underneath the shoulders. Breathe in, lift the knees, and root the chunks of the feet onto the floor. Draw in the center and keep the look just past the fingertips. Try not to enable the hips to crumple toward the floor; keep them solid and envision the body in one straight line.
11. Upward Dog
Breathe in and with exactness, twist the elbows while keeping them near the body. At that point the toes, push down into the hands, rectify the arms, and present the chest, lifting the hips and knees off the ground. Press onto the highest points of the feet to help the legs.

12. Cat and Cow
Breathe out and then slowly lower your chest and knees to the ground. Breathe in and come up on all fours, the hands should be aligned with your shoulders, and your knees aligned with your hips. Breathe in and arch your back, lifting your tailbone and gaze towards the ceiling. Drop your shoulders as far away as possible from your ears. Breathe out and tuck in your chin towards the chest and round your back by tightening your core and pushing through your mid-back towards the ceiling. Repeat the Cat & Cow flow for 6 to 10 times and then rest.
12 morning stretches of  body pain